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Michael Barrenger

$1,769 of AUD $1,000 target.

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This year I have decided to make a difference child brain cancer.  I have recently learnt that whilst adult diseases attract funding from mutiple sources, childhood brain cancer is sadly, largly overlooked by the large establishments.  The work being done right here in WA to research treatments is fantastic and needs continued fund raising to progress. Please support my efforts by making a secure online donation and by posting a message of support.  


Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to the Pirate Ship Foundation.  Thanks so much for your support!   


In the past I have got involved with great causes.  Each time, I've tried to do something a little more challenging than the last time.  Whether driving across Australia in a 70's Fiat for MS or doing my first 50km ride, and ultimately wearing a chicken on my head (and racing as a chicken in the mascot race...don't ask) I am up for the challenge.  I've got the runs on the board.   


Next years 5 dams is a challenging event, taking some 8 plus hours of riding to complete.  It takes six months to prep for, so I am a couple of months into my training.  I've got some pretty ambitious targets, but I'm going to need everyone’s help.  So here's my plan:   


For every $500 I raise over $2000, I will add 1kg to my bike which I will carry for the entirety of the 5 dams challenge.  I'll max that out at 20kg (safety first!). Anyone who has ridden in the hills will know every Kg you carry extra is tough...and I'm starting out at 100kg already!   


Finally, for the largest single donation by end March, I will grant one wish.  You can choose an additional challenge for me during the event (subject to it not killing me, being illegal, or humiliating me beyond reason :-))    


I'd like this thread to be interactive, so by all means chime in with suggestions for crazy sub challenges, I might just do it...if you donate!    


Wish me luck!!


UPDATE 8/2/19

Training is well under way!  As all cyclists know, k's in the legs and weight are two key factors to enjoying 5 dams...don't do the k's and crippling cramp await...don't manage the intake and every hill will be magnified with every extra kg along for the ride.  So I am going to keep some stats below to track planned k's vs. actual and kg's against target!


Please don't forget to donate!  Donating is the easy nit, its tax deductable, and the ONLY reason I am doing 5 dams!!  Lets improve the solutions for kids brain cancer.  Thanks in advance for any support you can give.


The training plan/progress report:

Training start date: Jan 1st 2019

5 Dams challenge date: 7 April, 205km

Time away on holidays = 3 wks

Total available training weeks: 16weeks-3wks = 13weeks

Starting weight: 104kg (I'm 2m tall...give me a break!)

Target weight: 94kg which leaves time for a stretch target of 90kg..not sure Ill get there...lets see! That's about 0.8kg/training week required.

Ks counted from Sat -Fri as per Garmin.


Week 1 Jan: Wplan = 103. Wact: 101. Ks this week: 162

Week 2 Jan: Wplan = 102.2. Wact: 103. Ks this week: Nil - Hol

Week 3 Jan: Wplan = 101.4. Wact: 101. Ks this week: Nil - Hol

Week 4 Jan: Wplan = 100.6 Wact: 100. Ks this week: 150

Week 5 Jan: Wplan = 99.8 Wact: 99.5. Ks this week: 252

Week 6 Feb: Wplan = 99.0 Wact: 98.6. Ks this week: 

Week 7 Feb: Wplan = 98.2. Wact: 97.8  228Ks this week: 

Week 8 Feb KALAMUNDA 100: wplan=97.4. Wact:97.4. 178ks 

Week 9 Feb: Wplan =96.6. Wact: . Ks: 

Week 10 Mar: Wplan =95.8 . Wact: . Ks this week: 

Week 11 Mar: Wplan =95.0 . Wact: . Ks this week: 

Week 12 Mar: Wplan = 94.2. Wact: . Ks this week: 

Week 13 Mar: Wplan =93.4 . Wact: . Ks this week: 

Week 14 Mar: Wplan =92.6 . Wact: . Ks this week: 

Week 15 Mar: Wplan =91.8 . Wact: . Ks this week: 

Week 16 April: Wplan =90.0 . Wact: . Ks this week: 














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        The Pirate Ship Foundation Ltd

        The Pirate Ship Foundation is a bold and passionate community that funds vital research into childhood brain cancer through a range of initiatives, adventures, events and partnerships.
        Childhood brain cancer kills more Australian children than any other disease.
        The identification of improved treatment options for children with brain cancer is our primary objective, ultimately leading to a cure.
        We believe it is important for our community to understand the impacts of a brain cancer diagnosis to a child and their family.  Even in the best possible cases, treatments are so damaging to a developing brain that they leave shocking, irreversible and life long-side effects.
        We know that together we can support research that will deliver better outcomes and make a significant difference to those children and their families.
        Funds are invested directly into childhood brain cancer research programs, including to the Brain Tumour Research Program at Telethon Kids Institute in Perth.
        To learn more about the Foundation and to get on board with how you can help – head to or contact us at

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